Vinyl record / 2023
Recordings from the desert in West Texas / USA

The record features recordings from the Chihuahuan Desert in Texas, recordings above and below ground.

Vinyl record ABOVE / BELOW

Side A above – recordings above ground
Side B below – recordings below ground

EXTRACT FROM THE TEXT by Mareike Teigeler

„…Kathrin Horsch brings nothing closer to us. She does not use her stay in the desert to locate something that would confirm or expand our ideas about the specificity of this place. Rather, she uses the silence of the desert to discover what remains, what is everywhere. Above and below. And again and again. An unfathomable togetherness of each being with the others. Not in the sense of a mass in which the individual being would perish, but rather as an ensemble of quicknesses and slownesses.

In above and below, unexpected neighborhoods occur, zones of indistinguishability reveal themselves. They arise from silence. The silence of the desert just as much as the silence that briefly and necessarily sets in again and again when the side of the record must be turned: from above to below and from below to above.“


Sound installation

PAV_STIP 2021, pavilion in the garden / Kulturwerk SH, Pinneberg, 2021 / Germany

The audio-live-transmission of the drainage system underneath the pavilion to the
inside of the pavilion. The dynamics of the flow and the dripping inside the tube-system
are picked up by a microphone in the well and amplified with speakers.



sound performance / vocals: Konstantin Heintel and Nima Asadollahi Ali

Hurly Burly Luftikus, in context of Hamburger Kultursommer and the initiative Art Off
Künstlerhaus Sootbörn, Hamburg, 2021

Sounds and noises from the cities underground mixed with the vocal range of the human voice. Two gully covers, two musicians. Deep bass vocals interacting with the sound of the sewers.
Two bass/baritone singers produce lying deep sounds in two gullies.
The sounds are amplified in the sewer system by microphones through loudspeakers outside.




Light installation
hacking places, Bille / Hamburg / Germany / 2017

An anchored, circular, diffuse light source underwater that emits light only upward.

A steady fading up and down of the light at continuous intervals, each the length of an average human breath.

DROPS - [ in the box ]

Sound installation
DROPS – [ in the box ] / Künstlerhaus Sootbörn / Hamburg / Germany / 2022

It drips from the ceiling.
Under each drop formation in each case a glass, which in interaction produce the sound.



Space / Sound installation
come to nothing / 2025 Kunst und Kultur e.V., Hamburg / Germany / 2018

A drop of water dripping from the ceiling.

The sound of the drop hitting a hotplate, amplified by loudspeakers, as well as the evaporation as a visual phenomenon can be perceived in the room. 

At the same time, the process of formation until the drop falls is projected on the wall.



Inside / Outside installation
insight / Indoor and outdoor area / Künstlerhaus Sootbörn / Hamburg / Germany / 2021



Looking through the window, like looking at a target that is not only attracting but at the same time offering a concrete result, a light- and shadow-play is modeling a long laid out, endless looking gallery.


On the left, inside the room, looking towards the window, we see the long recess that houses the model of the corridor.
It consists of doorways arranged one after the other in escape perspective, which become smaller and smaller towards the back.
To the right, running parallel: a track, on it a remote-controlled model car with a lamp. As soon as the corridor installation is viewed
from outside through the window, it is set in motion unnoticed. The up-and-down light source then shines on the long installation from
the side, as if scanning it.

Works to above and below / outside and inside

Kathrin Horsch offers in her works, what is already there. Instead of trying to develop new objects to add to the world, she explains the existence of things and energies in relation to their integration in movement, space and time. What happens, happens in her work as a moment in which something is revealing as something different. That, what is there, is only perceptible in that very moment when it appears as such.