3 AND 4 AND 2 / composition for a room

Kinetic 6-channel Sound installation
Heitland Honneur / Gothic Hall / Celle Castle / Celle / 2023

Three transparent curtains, three balls hanging from pendulums, six loudspeakers

3 and 4 and 2 – composition for a room

A composition that refers to the architectural construction and the associated acoustics of the Gothic Hall and in which time and space are shaped through minimal use of movement and sound. Existing recordings were rearranged for the Gothic Hall in Celle Castle.

In addition to the sound of the three balls bouncing against the transparent curtains, sounds from the underground of the spatial architecture can be heard, the dynamics of flowing and dripping within the conduit system of a sewer shaft, mingling with the vocal range of the human voice. The recordings and sounds come from the 2021 live performance Off ground, in which two bass/baritone singers produced deep sounds in two gullies. Deep bass vocals interacting with the sound of the subterranean architecture.

The exhibition Heitland Honneur with Norbert Bauer / Ralf Tekaat was presented by Heitland Foundation