Space Installation
flow and stir / final presentation of the Goldbekhof-scholarship / guest studio Goldbekhof Hamburg 2019


A space-installation that consists of stations that are linked to each other in context to the one year scholarship in Hamburg.
The exploration of space regarding the correlation of movement and its environment.

FLOW AND STIR Goldbekhof

Ramp, hair dryer, marble run, marbles, triangle, styrofoam cube, video camera, drop device, microphone, loudspeaker, 7 fans, rubber band, ping pong balls, styrofoam balls, calculator, curtain, small soccer

Documentation of a space installation


Video view from top

The individual sub-stations of the overall installation are shown below


A marble run lengthwise in space. The run of a single marble to the destination is not guaranteed.
If the marble falls out of the track early, it either rolls somewhere through the room until it comes to a stop, or it hits directly into the arrangement of a white line parallel to the track, creating a trail of further movement. 
If the run succeeds, the marble ends with a delicate sound at the triangle and lands at its destination.


The respective air currents of the fans facing each other cause slight movements of a single ball without the ball being able to come into a final balance.


The installation of a hair dryer with the opening of the air flow vertically upwards. Above it a small wire structure as a holder for a table tennis ball. 
When the airflow starts, the ball flies upwards and floats in the air until the hairdryer is switched off again and the ball returns to its starting point.

The hair dryer can be turned on and off at will.


An electric hotplate standing on the floor.
A few meters above it a pipe, hanging vertically from the ceiling.
 At regular intervals, a drop of water forms at a small hole in the bottom cap of the pipe and drips onto the hot plate. The hiss of the evaporation is picked up by a microphone installed in front of the hot plate and amplified by loudspeakers in the room.
At the same time, the formation of the drop until its release is recorded by a camera and projected onto the wall behind it.


A transparent curtain hanging from the ceiling to the floor. In front of it a small football hanging on a string.
 At slow intervals, the pendulum attached to the string moves back and forth with the ball, touching the transparent curtain depending on the surrounding air currents in the room.